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Studio Still Alive

Hybrid Mixing

ITB Mixing

Mixing with Reamp

Mixing with a lot of colorful hardware gears. If you want to have some more extra mojo for your music, this style is for you.

Price includes 2 revisions.

Mixing with only plug-ins. If you are looking for modern style music production, this is for you. And this style is super flexible. 

Price includes 2 revisions. 

You have only DI tracks, don't worry. We reamp your DI signals with our amplifiers for you. Guitars, Bass, Synth, whatever you want.


We have 2 professionally designed rooms in our studio, one is mixing room(6mW-7mL-3mH) and another one is tracking room(7mW-12mL-3mH). Located in Koriyama city,  Japan.




Ready to book a session? 


Please send us an E-mail to

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Yatsuyamada-Nishi Koriyama, Fukushima,

963-8053 Japan

Tel: +81-24-983-9906

Our studio is open 7 days a week:


Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

Saturday - 10am - 6pm

Sunday - 12pm - 6pm

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